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The Characters Behind INDIGObaby

Q. Can you tell me more about the yummy mummies?

A. Yummy Mummy Denise likes Benny, samba, dancing, dogs, travel, theater and environmentally-aligned beings.

She dislikes garbage, litterbugs, and pms-ing.

Yummy Mummy Monica likes chocolates, travel, yoga and her macbook pro. She dislikes boredom, pollution, cockroaches and rats.


Q. How about the INDIGObabies, Santi and Benny?

A. Santiago Andres dreams of being a Formula1 race car driver one day or a dancer.

Benicio Jesus Lorenzo will be a kick-ass drummer or a free-spirited artist one day.




Q. Why the name INDIGObaby?

A. We came up with that name because we believe Santi and Benny (our sons) are indigo babies! Read on "The Indigo Children" by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober and you'll see why :)


Q. Where are the products made?

A. Most of the products are made in the Philippines where the yummy mummies Monica and Denise are from. For the all-natural bath and body line, the therapeutic grade ingredients are imported but everything is manufactured locally.


Q. What is the difference between the Jar of Hope First Aid Gel and Jar of Love Healing Balm?

A. Jar of Hope is a first aid gel for all around healing: cuts wounds, burns, sore nipples, teething or anything on the skin that is red and itchy and painful, this will miraculously heal! Also relieves insomia and stress! Ideal for fussy babies too.

"When all else fails, a Jar of Hope saves the day." -and you know it does!

Jar of Love Healing Balm on the other hand, is a peppermint gel for cough, colds, fever, jet lag etc. It's like Vics but minus the bad stuff! ;)

"When you need an extra rub, all you need is a Jar of Love."


Q. My Jar of Hope gets watery. Why is this so?

A. Since we do not add any preservatives or chemicals on our products, there is a tendency for them to become watery over time. THIS DOES NOT HOWEVER AFFECT THE PRODUCTS EFFICACY. Best to keep it in the refrigerator or shake the bottle to get the ingredients mixed again. This makes application on skin a lot yummier too! :)


Q. How many times a day should i apply the Shoo Fly Milk Lotion on my baby's skin?

A. This milky lotion is best applied after bath. Reapply when going outdoors or to a place with lots of little buggers!


Q. How should i store INDIGObaby's all natural bath and body products?

A. Stored in a dark cool place, away from direct light and heat, these products last at least 2 years. Formula has antioxidants to preserve products naturally;)


Payment and Shipping Information and charges
For the payments, the shopper will shoulder the shipping and handling fee and can pay through any of the following payment methods:

PayPal, Bancnet (will process for ATM cards/debit cards), BDO (will process for credit cards), eGC  (available in any Loading central station). Shipping is handled by Air21. Please click here for their current delivery areas.  http://air21.com.ph/main/served_areas_with_zipcode.php#

Your comments and suggestions are EXTREMELY important to us so please feel free to contact us:

Yummymummy Denise C.S. Gonzales

mobile: 0928-5040226 / 0922-8499893 / 0917-6982344

Showroom: +632-8827857 (look for Dailyn) / 0922-8499892

email: indigo.manila@gmail.com



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